First Ten JoJoisms

Some of you who are following me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook know that I've been posting, what I call JoJoisms for the past several weeks.  JoJoisms are my observations about life.  They use language in a fun way as to reveal life's sometimes hard truths in a humor-filled way.  Thought I'd post some of them here for Friday Funnies.  Here are the first ten. JoJoism #1 No matter how many bobby pins you own, you always need two more. JoJoism#2 Dusting is futile. Not dusting is…not so good either! JoJoism#3 Ironing isn’t futile.  It’s an arm exercise. JoJoism#4 Insomnia is God’s way of allowing you to get more done in a day. JoJoism#5 Trying to be profound is like bringing your car to the mechanic.  It only happens when nobody’s looking. JoJoism#6 I AM tall.  It’s just that the rest of you are Venti. JoJoism#7 Midlife Crisis is having to reconcile gray hair and pimples. JoJoism#8 Getting old’s not so bad.  The cold you feel from hypothyroidism is neutralized by the hot flashes from Menopause. JoJoism#9 Just when your brain is old enough to house some useful information, your mind forgets where it’s stored! JoJoism#10 It’s Friday. Do you know where you’re week went? X JoJoisms: Revealing Life's Truths...As I Think of 'em! Watch for my stand up comedy coming to a YouTube channel near you!  Remember my motto...though: "All my life I wanted to be a stand up comedian, but I'm getting older now so I'm doing it sitting down." -JoJo Tabares


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    Thanks Cindy!

  • cindy holman

    ’These are very profound – I love them!!

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