"Things We Say Wrong" video

Things You Ought to Know has a funny YouTube channel where folks write in and ask how things work.  They research the topic and put out a video like this one on the "Things We Say Wrong."   It's funny and informative and presented in Art of Eloquence style. For more fun with communication skills, visit Art of Eloquence online.


  • Robin Montoya

    Hysterical! I am NOT a college graduate, but my parents would not allow me to speak the way the general population does. (or did!) I am appalled by the way my nieces and nephews butcher the language, even AFTER graduating from college. However, not being a “grammar Nazi,” I will not correct them, as that would be a violation of etiquette. That being said, I must add that most are not confused by the use of “I feel badly.” When I say it, no one thinks I have a poor tactile sense. Well stated.

  • cindy holman

    This is great!

  • moped

    the speed of dark is the sam as the speed of light, it’s just right behind light

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