"Things We Say Wrong" video

Things You Ought to Know has a funny YouTube channel where folks write in and ask how things work.  They research the topic and put out a video like this one on the "Things We Say Wrong."   It's funny and informative and presented in Art of Eloquence style. For more fun with communication skills, visit Art of Eloquence online.


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  • Kim@ In Our Write Minds

    Thanks again for the chuckle, JoJo. Just watched it again—-cracks me up every time! I’ll have to steal this for my blog some day. :o)

  • Krista Dunk

    This guy is funny! Thank you for sharing JoJo!

  • Laurie Neumann

    Very funny! I have always remembered the ’i before e" rule!

  • Kim@ In Our Write Minds

    Right up my alley! Love it!

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