Hey, That's Me! (w/some great resources too!)

The last few weeks we have been blessed to find several websites and other internet sources citing links for Art of Eloquence.  I am grateful to all who have asked me to contribute articles to their publications.  I have to say that it is still a rather odd experience to see my name on someone's website.  Even after almost 8 years, I find myself saying, "Hey, that's me!"  lol A humble thank you to all of the publications that have re posted my articles and published some nice reviews of Art of Eloquence in the last few weeks!  I also want to thank those of you who have retweeted my articles, blogposts and sayings on Twitter as well as those who have posted Facebook notes with our links!  Thanks for spreading the word about Art of Eloquence!  We appreciate the opportunity to let others know about the ways in which we can help people overcome social anxiety and learn to speak up and speak out effectively in order to accomplish their own missions the Lord has for their lives. Some of the places we were featured are great resources we thought you'd want to know about.  I am posting their links here so you all could take advantage of all they have to offer.  Some are brand new and I highly recommend you check them out! 1. Homeschooling the Easy Way eMagazine: Cindy Rushton's new online magazine for homeschoolers has some wonderful articles.  I'm going to be one of her regular contributors.  Check it out!  You can subscribe to her RSS feed and get these updates.  Here's what Cindy shares about her new eMagazine: "Years ago we began our Homeschooling The Easy Way Magazine.  It has always been a magazine filled with encouragement, inspiration, and practical (very DOABLE) tips for making homeschooling easy. Now, it is produced as an online eMagazine that is free for all subscribers. Our purpose is to encourage a return back to God’s design for the godly home and homeschool! Each issue includes articles that encourage homeschooling with a lifestyle of real learning that returns to the OLD PATHS that have worked for centuries. Topics range from hearing God in your homeschool to balancing all of the many demands that the busy homeschool mom faces day-to-day to teaching lessons in a simple, EASY way to VERY practical ideas that are sure to make homeschooling in your home EASY too! You won’t want to miss a single issue!" 2. Time for Tea eMagazine: is another fabulous resource for women by Cindy Rushton where I will be a regular contributor.  Here's what Time for Tea is all about: "Time for Tea eMagazine began as a simple newsletter to Cindy’s friends. It grew into a world-wide magazine that was published in print for 8 years. For the past eight years, it has been published as a free weekly ezine online-our ministry to minister to YOUR heart! Now, you can receive it digitally–either online at our website OR you can purchase our reprint books at a discount–if you are a TFT eMagazine subscriber (and that is FREE–stick with me and I will tell you how to join). You won’t want to miss even one issue! Time for Tea features articles written for the purpose of ministering to YOUR heart! Articles range from topics covering developing a closer walk with the Heavenly Father to ministering to the heart of your husband to discipling our children with a Godly heritage to ideas for homemaking from the heart to getting and staying organized to ideas for developing the impact of YOUR Home Ministry to great encouragement for home businesses to wisdom that can truly encourage you to become a vessel that God can use!" 3. SONbeams: has wonderful homeschool curricula for PreK through early elementary.  They have a great blog where they have posted a review of Art of Eloquence products for that age group.  I highly encourage those of you with young children to check out their site and blog!  Great resources for moms even if you don't homeschool! 4. Christians in Social Media Facebook Page: was kind enough to highlight me and my work and ask others to visit Art of Eloquence.  Christians in Social Media is a brand new Facebook page devoted to helping Christians who are online figure out this thing called Social Media.  Run by a wonderful Christian leader, LaTara Ham Ying, this is a great place to be. Check it out! Also a big thank you to those of you who have written in to share your excitement about our upcoming release, Say What You Mean: Overcoming Social Anxiety.  We really appreciate your comments and feedback!  Here are some of the comments we have been getting about this study: "Dear JoJo, Thank you for writing OVERCOMING SOCIAL ANXIETY.  The night before you announced this book I had prayed for God to help me find something to help me help my son feel better about his social interactions.  When I showed him this announcement, he also thought it would be good to try. " -Anne G. "Thank you for your work on these valuable products!  The benefits are bound to immeasurable to many.  In Him, Laurie S." If you have posted about Art of Eloquence on your blog, site or on Twitter or Facebook, please let us know, especially if you have a wonderful resource our readers might want to know about!  We'd love to hightlight YOU too!


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