The Return of the Communication Comedy Network

After a few years, an addition and subtraction of a co host and a change in the programming, last December was the final edition of my weekly internet radio show, The Communication Comedy Network.  The show was sooo much fun both for me and for my audience.  I had so many people email in that they were sorry I had to shut it down because it made them laugh and it made them think more about the communication skills they need on a daily basis. The CCN was my opportunity to fulfill my now famous Facebook quote: "All my life I wanted to be a stand up comedian, but I'm getting older now so I'm doing it sitting down. -JoJo Tabares"  What could be more fun?  I got to put on a new persona and be goofy with a fun accent while talking about things that really matter to me.  The only challenge was the time it took to plan and execute a one hour weekly show and the fact that I was tied down to a time slot that my audience expected me to keep. While I am not saying that I can now commit to 3-4 hours a week to return to a weekly show, I am resurrecting the show in a new form.   I'm going to put on the personalities of Nancy Newsome, New Yorker and News Anchor for the 12 1/2 Minute News Hour; Bobbi Blogsalot, roving southern reporter on all things techie; and Professor Wordsmith, British Professor of Words in order to create 2-3 minute YouTube videos.  I will be creating a YouTube channel called The Communication Comedy Network where I'll get to dress up as my favorite communication personalities who will entertain and educate on all things communication! After securing a webcam and or video recorder, I'll start working on the details for some of the videos.  Since these are for YOU, I thought I'd ask you for ideas.  What would you all like to see?  Be as creative as possible with the situations and any new characters I could become. Nancy Newsome will be reporting on any news items illustrating either poor or excellent communication skills. Bobbi Blogsalot will be reporting on communication in the blogosphere and any technological advances that either allow us to communicate better or hinder our abilities to communicate effectively. Professor Wordsmith will be doing various segments on grammar, words, spelling and anything else having to do with words. Got any other characters I could play?  Any funny situations I could work out on film?  Share them with me!


  • jojosblog

    One of these days we’ll have to get Dr. Wordweilder together with Professor Wordsmith. lol

  • BeckyJoie

    That is too cool. We recorded Dr. Wordweilder recently too. Just the vocals, though with the plans to put him on Youtube in the shadows. Wow. Great minds think alike. LOL. I won’t be doing his return right away but it’s great news to hear of your plans. I’m happy and can’t wait to chuckle as a member of the audience.

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