How to Get Your Husband to Do What You Want

Mark Gungor is a pastor and a very funny man, but mostly he knows about men and women. Listen to this fabulous and funny video telling wives, "How to get your husband to do what you want." For more fun with communication skills, visit Art of!


  • Marie Johnson

    A hoot indeed!!

  • jojosblog

    Have fun Christie! They are a hoot!

  • jojosblog

    I found a bunch of them on YouTube, Kimery. I’m going to post them for various Friday Funnies here on Communication FUNdamentals!

  • Christie Jarvis

    I love it! Humor is a great way to teach couples about the differences they have so they can keep the peace at home. Thanks for sharing…now I am gonna have to search YouTube for more!

  • Kimery

    WE *****LOVE***** Mark Gungor and his sense of humor. You may find many of his videos on youtube. Laugh Your Way is a great DVD series!

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