Are your emails effective? They can be!

Have you ever written an email you thought was clear only to have the recipient reply:  "What on earth are you talking about?"   Do you occasionally find that your email misspeaks?  Did you ever NOT say what you meant to say over email?  I think we all have had times like these, but with a few easily implemented tips, these can be fewer and farther between! Join me in the next few months as I begin a new article series just for my newsletter subscribers on effective emailing!  These articles will eventually make their way into a book that will be offered for sale on the Art of Eloquence website.  However,  if you are one of our newsletter subscribers, you can get all this information for free beginning tomorrow morning in my very first What's New at Art of Eloquence eNewsletter series of articles on effective emailing! If you are not a subscriber yet, click here and, in addition, you will receive special offers and free gifts from time to time during the month.  Lastly, What's New at Art of Eloquence subscribers are all entered into our Subscriber of the Month Drawing for a chance to win a gift certificate for $20 worth of Art of Eloquence products!  A new subscriber is chosen each month!

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