Mailbag Monday...On Wednesday!

I usually reserve the last Monday of the month for Mailbag Monday, but since I had a rather timely announcement to make this Monday, I decided to post Mailbag Monday on Wednesday and mix things you up a bit. Warning!  Reading Mailbag Monday on Wednesday may cause a feeling of Wednesday on Friday.  Do not read Mailbag Monday on Wednesday if you have a history of premature weekends or are pregnant as this may cause an unsafe drop memory. This month I posted a great deal of articles both here on Communication FUNdamentals and on my newsletter.  I've been beefing up my columns and apparently you all have enjoyed them.  So this month's Mailbag Monday (on Wednesday) is a sort of a Reader's Choice Best of April!  If you missed any of these articles, I have embedded links so you can catch them or catch them again. I received quite a bit of feedback on my blog article about President Obama's Health Care Rhetoric both on and off the blog. It was brought to my attention that several people discovered Foot in Mouth Man (FIMM) this month.  Some posted his video on their blog and others posted about his monthly MISadventure, but all had fun with FIMM! A few people contacted me this month to ask if they could reprint one of my articles on their blog.  Are You Listening to Your Customers was one of my articles that was re-posted on Best of Both Worlds blog this month. I also received a great deal of feedback about my online seminar for authors I did for Felice Gerwitz of Media Angels. Lastly, I received a great deal of feedback on my newsletter poll this past week.  I asked my newsletter subscribers which of the studies I was in the middle of writing were most important to them.  I want to thank all of you for participating in the poll and sharing your thoughts.  I am currently working on two of the most popular studies.  To find out which ones before they are formally released, you'll just have to subscribe!  ;D