Word Wednesday: I Sneezed a Sneeze

I'm starting a new tradition here at Communication FUNdamentals.  It's Word Wednesday.  Not to be confused with Wordy Wednesday or Wordless Wednesday.  This is the day I am going to post a fun use of words, new word, old word, fun word, or a creative use of words.  This week's entry is a video I found while scouring YouTube. Music can be another creative way to communicate our thoughts.  Praise and worship music are beautiful ways to express our love for God.  Ballads are a musical way to share our love or sadness.  And music can be used in a fun way to express our creativity, a chance to entertain and just have fun. This is called "I Sneezed a Sneeze" and it's a parody of the Les Miserables song, "I Dreamed a Dream."  My dd sang this song during her senior year in high school and it always reminds me of her.  Since she is 1800 miles away at college and about to come home for the summer only to go off to Russia as an exchange student as part of her studies, she is on my mind.  So when I found this very creative and fun video, I had to post it.  Enjoy this most creative use of words.  And please note that a new word has just been invented: Snoze, past tense of sneeze! For more creative fun with words and to study communication skills, please visit Art of Eloquence.com!


  • jojosblog

    They have others that are fun too. I may post some of them at some point.

    Kim, I love the word, snoze! I always wanted to be like Shakespeare and make up my own words.

  • In Our Write Minds

    Hee hee! I do love that new word “snoze.”

  • Laurie Neumann

    That is too funny!

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