Words Matter Week: Descriptive Words Entry!

Today is Day Four of the National Words Matter Week Contest!  In addition to posting  our blog link(s), today you have an additional way to enter and have fun with our contest! Today’s Extra Entry: Here is our extra entry rules for today, Thursday, March 4th: The key to effective communication is our vocabulary.  The more descriptive our words are, the more effective we are at communicating our message.  Here are a list of Plain Jane words that aren't very descriptive.  What words could you use instead of the following that would be much more descriptive?

Good, Bad, Nice, Loud, Fun, Big, Small

Please email your list to jojo@artofeloquence.com and please put “WMW Contest” in the subject linke.  Each descriptive word will count as an additional entry in our contest! Enter early and often! The one with the most entries at midnight on Friday, March 5th will win an Art of Eloquence Value Package of his/her choice! Check back tomorrow for yet another way to enter this contest or...subscribe to Communication FUNdamentals so you don't miss a post!


  • Kim @ In Our Write Minds

    Well, I suppose it depends on what you’re describing. For instance, is it a good boy, a good cake, or a good book? Then you could say “well-behaved boy,” “mouth-watering cake,” and “interesting book,” but the adjectives may not be interchangeable. (“Mouthwatering boy”?)


  • jojosblog

    Very good Amy and so creative!

  • Amy

    Well, good is NOT ‘great’, so I would have to say ‘acceptable’?
    Is bad ‘horrible’ or is it simply ‘not very good’?
    It’s nice to be nice to the nice; they’re so… ‘pleasant’.
    Now loud is a word we can work with! ‘Clamorous’!
    And fun is so very ‘entertaining’!
    And big is ‘huge’, ‘large’, ‘monstrous’, ‘enormous’! ‘Over-sized’! (I think the kids are awake now!
    If it’s very small it could be ‘itsy-bitsy’, ‘teeny-tiny’ or if it’s not so small perhaps it is ’pint sized.

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