Homeschool Leadership Seminar Coming March 10th!

Homeschool Group Leader Workshop 03/10/2010 12:30 pm PST/3:30pm EST Join JoJo Tabares author of "Say What You Mean: The Language of Leadership" and her co-hosts Kristen Fagala and Denise Hyde authors of "One By One: A Homeschool Group Leader's Guide to Motivating Your Members" as we discuss how homeschool group leaders can lead more effectively with less stress and get more participation!
  • Why motivation is a huge part of successful leadership
  • What leadership is . . . (relationship)
  • Three burning questions every leader must ask
  • Questions leaders have asked us: how to avoid burnout, how to get people to show up, how to get more volunteers
  • Tips on motivating teens
  • Why we need leadership skills
  • What a leader isn't
  • 16 Biblical qualities of a leader
  • Why a leader needs: effective communication skills
Mark your calendars for Wednesday, March 10th, at 3:30pm EST/12:30pm PST.  Here's how to join in the call: Listen via your computer: Or call in via phone: (724) 444-7444  Call ID: 19736 Or you can sign up for a free TalkShoe account so you can join the chatroom while you listen in! Do mark your calendars to attend because space is limited and this session will NOT be available to the general public as an audio afterward!


  • Laurie

    Thank you for offering this!
    Our homeschool group is in need of a boost..and direction…

    Looking forward to this seminar! Sign me up too! :)

  • Candy Duncan

    Sign me up for march 10 teleconference

  • JoJo Tabares

    I’m excited to present these monthly seminars and workshops. So much more can be done in this type of seminar than on the weekly podcasts I was doing last year.

  • Laurie Neumann

    Sounds like it will be great, JoJo. And so helpful!

  • Lisa

    Hi JoJo, Sounds great! It’s on my calendar. Hopefully I can make it, it’s during our homeschool science class.

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