Feedback on the Say What You Mean Convention

Whether you attended the live Say What You Mean Convention events or have listened in to the pre-recorded audios, we would LOVE your feedback!  If you would take the time to answer just a few questions for us, we would be grateful. 1. What topics touched you the most?  Which ones helped enrich your life in some way? 2. Did you participate in the contests?  Which was your favorite? 3. What communication topics would you like to see explored this year in greater depth? 4. Which freebies were your favorites? We appreciate your taking the time to share this information with us and ask also if you would agree to have your comments used in some of our promotional materials. Thanks for coming to the 5th Annual Say What You Mean Convention.  We pray it greatly blesses you and your family this year. Don't forget that you can still grab your freebies from our freebies page and listen to any of the audios by clicking on the TalkShoe badge at the top of the Schedule of Events page. Oh and don't forget to visit our sponsors, who made the Say What You Mean Convention possible and tell them you saw them at the Say What You Mean Convention!


  • jojosblog

    How sweet, Amy!

  • Amy

    I have not listened to all of it yet! But one thing that you will enjoy, my Aspie-boy is always coming up and hugging me and so that evening before we went in to church I told him Joan’s statistics and gave him 4 hugs to get him through until time to pick him up. He added them onto the days tally. Yes, that’s right! He actually counts those hugs!

    CrAzY Amy

  • jojosblog

    Yes. As I said, you can still grab the freebies and listen to the audios. They are up for a year. The link is on the post. Enjoy!

  • BeckyJoie

    Are the audios to the convention up? I had a very very bad day that day and never got to attend the whole thing. I heard bits of it. I can’t wait to hear more.

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