January's Mailbag Monday

I cannot believe it is the end of January already and time for Mailbag Monday here at Communication FUNdamentals.  This month we found MANY questions and comments in our mailbag--mostly feedback on all the changes we have had here at Art of Eloquence.com and the newsletter. Say What You Mean Convention 1. Several of you asked how to register for the event and enter the drawings.  The sign up form is now on the home page.  This not only enters you in the six live drawings but allows you to receive What's New at Art of Eloquence, our monthly newsletter with freebies, special offers and info JUST for our subscribers. 2. A few of you emailed asking about the events at the convention.  I have recorded a welcome audio you can access from the home page that will give you a quick overview of the site and events.  To see all of the events, times and descriptions, click on the Schedule of Events page. We also have an audio of our preview show with my guests Kim Kautzer from WriteShop and Cindy Rushton from Talk A Latte and Mom to Mom Radio who is one of our keynote speakers this year! 3. Many of you emailed in or posted on my Facebook page about how much you are looking forward to this year's convention and how much fun you had last year.  Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts with me.  Here are a few of the things folks had to say about the convention:
"Sign me up, please. Thanks. I CAN'T WAIT!!!! It sounds so good. I'M DYING to listen to the preview." -BeckyJoie "I 'attended' this convention last year and it was fantastic! Informative, professional and just plain fun! I highly recommend this to all home educators who desire to learn to communicate for Jesus' glory =)" -Brenda "I can't wait for your audios. They are always outstanding." -Susan "Looking forward to the SWYM Convention once again!" -Christine
Newsletter Feedback: 1. So many of you emailed in about how much you like our new format.  Many of the comments we received were like this one:
"SWEET! Love the new format. . . especially ART OF ELEPHANTS.  ROFLOL" -Carla
2. We had another wonderful review this month.  This time by two homeschool moms who run a website and have written a book for homeschool group leaders.  Check it out here. Then we had some really great questions about our communication studies. 1. Karen asked what the difference is between Say What You Mean: A Creative Speech Course and Say What You Mean For Teens.   In case you were wondering the same thing...
    Say What You Mean for Teens is a general communication study teaching basic communication skills and why communication is so important for every day life.  In week eight, the student begins preparing to give a speech he will deliver in week 18. The study takes him through this step by step in a fun and creative way while teaching him the skills he needs to deliver such a speech. Say What You Mean: A Creative Speech Course is a full speech course.  Each week your student will prepare for and give a speech on a different creative and fun topic alternating between impromptu and prepared speeches.  This is not your typical speech course where the students have to do a lot of research of the same old topics.  This study puts the emphasis on honing the skills needed to give a great speech while using fun topics such as Cats vs Dogs and 101 Uses of Duct Tape!
    2. Leslie asked when Say What You Mean for Preschoolers would be available again.  Well Leslie you are not alone!  I've had someone ask this question at least once a week since we took it down for revising.
      I am actually almost done revising the study as I type this.  It should be out this week!  Since I stopped my weekly podcast, I've been working hard on all our new studies you all said you wanted.  In fact, we will have a few more studies out shortly and some more following that.  We will be taking pre orders for some of them so watch our newsletter for details.  We will be offering our newsletter subscribers an opportunity to pre order at a lower rate so if you are not a subscriber, you'll want to be soon!
      3. Roberto asked if Art of Eloquence had anything that would help him specifically with getting his point across in conversation.
        Well, we are just about to!  I am also currently working on my notes for a new study called Say What You Mean in Conversation and one called Say What You Mean: Persuasion and Public Speaking.  Either of these will help you a great deal.  Keep watch on the newsletter for details on how and when you can pre order these two!
        Thank you all for your fabulous questions and comments this month!  If you have a question or a comment for Art of Eloquence, send it to jojo@artofeloquence.com!


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          I’m excited to release them!

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          Sounds great! Can’t wait to hear the audio’s ?

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          Hey, I’ve been a lurker around your website for a few months. I absolutely love this writing and your entire blog! Keep it up!

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          Yay for you and us!

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