HoNNy NeB YE]p!

As is our custom, Communication FUNdamentals blog takes each Friday to deliver some Friday Funnies in order to bring to the forefront the need for effective communication skills.  And this Friday is no different. Sometimes when folks communicate, we have no idea what they are trying to get across.  Other times we have an idea but it may not be the correct one.  Even though we may know what someone is trying to say, there are times when miscommunication can have a negative effect on someone's credibility or just cause enough confusion to warrant some unnecessary fine tuning at which point there is a possibility that it could cause some ill effects or hard feelings. As we head into 2010, let us give pause to the cause of effective communication and the time and difficulties it will save us.  Art of Eloquence wishes God's blessings on your life and your relationships.  May you grow closer and build stronger relationships with your family, friends and co workers and may you reach out in 2010 to those who do not yet know the Lord. We would love to help you reach those goals with Art of Eloquence effective communication studies.  If you know someone whose relationship is suffering or who longs to know how to share his or her thoughts and needs effectively, please direct them to our website that we might help!


  • jojosblog

    Happy New Year Cindy, Becky Joie, Anita and Laurie! May you be blessed as well in 2010.

  • Laurie Neumann

    Hi JoJo,

    Happy New Year to you and your family? May this be a year of business and financial blessings for you.

  • Anita

    Happy New Year to you, too!! :)

  • BeckyJoie

    Thank you. Happy New Year to you as well. Blessings on your business this year!

    Hugs to you too!

  • Cindy Holman

    Beautiful Picture!!

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