Incredible Sale Ends at Midnight!

Take Advantage of our Insanely LOW Co-op Class Fees!

Now that Christmas is over, many of my homeschooling customers are readying themselves for next semester's activities and one of those activities might be a co op class.  If so this first offer is something you won't want to miss. Well this year was a terrible year for so many that Art of Eloquence decided to do some drastic things in order to help our customers in this most difficult financial year. We had always offered our co op classes some wonderful volume discounts, but this year we went completely NUTZ and offered our core communication studies for the ridiculously low license fee of only $10 per 10 students (with a cap for 31 or more students)!  That means that instead of ordering a $24.95 Say What You Mean: A Creative Speech Course and paying $500  for 20 students, you could pay ONLY $44.95! However, as with all special offers, even this one has to end and it will do so at the stroke of midnight EST on December 31st.  As we ring in the new year in 2010, Art of Eloquence will usher in a new co op volume discount which will be of great benefit to co op classes, however, now is the time to buy if you want to take advantage of these insanely low rates we currently have in 2009! To take advantage of these incredible co op rates, all you have to do is order as usual and click the drop down menu where it says "Number of Students" to reflect the size of your co op class.  (Leave the quantity field at 1). Not sure which study to teach this semester?  Check out our online catalog!

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