Recipe for teaching Home Ec

Almost all parents tell me they believe communication skills are important but most have no idea to what extent.  We use our communication skills thousands of times a day!  Homeschooling parents use communication skills even more often.  You cannot teach if you cannot communicate-PERIOD!  And the more effectively you communicate with your student, the more effective a teacher you are. By the way, teaching Home Ec is probably more saturated with communication skills than other subjects you teach because you usually do it without benefit of a text relying mostly on hands on involvement as the student models or at least checks with the teacher at various times during a complicated process.  It's not like math where we homeschool teachers can explain a short lesson and let our kidlings loose on the math lesson for an hour to complete the examples. Teaching anything without benefit of excellent communication skills is a recipe for disaster.  If we don't explain things clearly to our children in a way they understand, we cause frustration.  That frustration may boil over and burn out any desire to learn the subject at all. So what's the best way to teach Home Ec or any other subject we might homeschool?  I suggest you first first go to Art of and see how we might help you hone your communication skills.  All our studies are mixed with love, scripture and dash of humor!


  • jojosblog

    I always remember making a purple apron and matching head covering thing. I still have it. It’s got to be about 35 yrs old now! ROFL

  • Cindy Holman

    I remember home ec in junior high school – I’ll never forget making potato soup :)

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