Anemic Relationships

Anemic Relationships? We all know that when the body is sick, it's trying to tell us something is wrong.  It's a series of signs God gives us so that we pay attention to what our bodies need in order that we have a chance to get well.  Being tired is a sign that we should rest.  It's what our body needs to regain health.  If we ignore these signs, we take the chance that our illness will worsen. I feel our relationships are the same way.  There are signs God gives us that our relationships are ill and need attention.  Clues God gives us so we pay attention to what our relationships need in order that they have a chance to heal or strengthen.  If we ignore these signs, we take the chance that our relationships will worsen. These signs are all transmitted via communication.  Your son feels neglected so he begins to act up.  Your husband feels you don't do the little things for him you used to do now that you are homeschooling so he begins to neglect the little things he used to do for you.  Your best friend no longer calls because she feels you don't take the time for her.  These are all signs of a relationship illness. In our microwave society, so many relationships are suffering from anemia.  They aren't nurtured because we are all too busy to pay attention to the communication (or lack thereof) which are signs that our relationships are in trouble. Let's take the opportunities to notice the communication being sent by our loved ones and make sure we are communicating how special they are in our lives.  Send a note of thanks, an email of encouragement, call to say hello.  Let's nurture our relationships before they suffer from illness.  Let's nurture those that have become anemic.  Let's strengthen those that could grow. A friendly reminder from the staff at Art of Eloquence!  Check out all the ways Art of Eloquence can help you communicate more effectively with your family, friends, boss, employees, or customers today!


  • BeckyJoie

    I agree. What a great post.

  • jojosblog

    Thanks BeckyJoie!

    I think so many today don’t realize that you need to work on your relationships, Cindy. We see those fairytale, Knight in Shining Armour stories and we think marriage is always like that. We see a friend who accidentally dissed us and we cut them off forever without so much as a thought. It’s sad.

  • Cindy Holman

    So true JoJo!! We need to take the time with people – nothing more important than our relationships!

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