How Important is Communication in your every day life?

I've asked this very question at countless seminars I've given.  Most people say that communication is very important in their lives.  However, when I ask if anyone ever took a communication class or studied communication skills or taught their children effective communication, I get one of three answers: 1. Oh, I'm not a politician or a lawyer so I don't really need to make speeches. But I thought you just said you thought communication skills were important for your every day life?  Most people think of communication skills as speech or debate and equate these skills with things at which only lawyers and politicians need to be proficient.   They suddenly forget why they answered yes and immediately go to the speech and debate issue, do not pass go, do not collect $200! Communication is so much more than speech making or debate.  You communicate when you talk to your husband or your children. You are communicating when you ask for a raise.  You are communicating when you wave or smile to your neighbor and when you don't quite know how to tell him not to trample your begonias.  You are communicating when you are trying to get through to your Aunt who doesn't want to see that movie.  You are communcating when you talk to your child's ballet teacher and when you are trying to get across to your doctor that why you don't want your son to get vaccinated. Communication is involved in 87% of what we do all day long and most of that isn't formal speech.  It's a conversation and if we aren't careful it can be an argument that ends a dear friendship. 2. I took a speech class once in college. Taking a speech class once does not allow you to master the art of speech making nor does it afford you training in any other type of communication.  I know some wonderful speech makers and debaters that are horrid one on one!  They can wax poetic on the stage or in front of a small crowd but intimidate the begeebers outta friends and family when making small talk at family gatherings. 3. Oh, I'll have my kids take a speech communication class when they are in high school. Did you know that communication skills are best learned when kids are young, even as young as preschool?  Did you also know that by the time many children are in 5th or 6th grade, society has trained them to be afraid of social interaction? Many children become socially shy or intimidated in social situations if they have not had enough training prior.  It becomes a vicious cycle where they are too shy to enter social situations and too shy to admit they need help and then too shy to put themselves in situations that could improve their social communication skills! I know this because that was me when I was a kid!  It took me years to get over it, but it doesn't have to take you or your children years!  By making learning communication skills fun, Art of Eloquence has helped thousands of children and adults become more comfortable in social situations and more effective communicators overall! Here's what one mom had to say: "I highly recommend the Say What You Mean Speech Course for teens. I have two homeschooled sons, ages 13 and 15, using it this year and it is their first experience with a "speech" curriculum. Mrs. Tabares, through her curricula, has given my sons the tools, opportunity and feedback necessary to become confident and competent in their speaking, whether a one-on-one impromptu conversation or a prepared speech in a group setting. My sons love speech and have grown and learned so much and that says it all!" -Joann Oxenham Our communication skill affects 87% of our lives. I think that's why the Lord put HUNDREDS of scriptures in the Bible that instruct us and tell us how vital these skills are!  Though there are some scriptures that mention numbers, I can't find one scripture that talks about how important it is to study math.  Yet most people don't think twice about giving math importance in their children's studies.  Don't you think communication should at least be of equal importance? Art of Eloquence can help by making it fun and easy to learn this often intimidating and complicated subject.  We have studies for all ages and for various communication situations.  Check out our online catalog for some fun ways you and your family can learn these vital skills!


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  • jojosblog

    Actually all our products are communication studies. It’s just that communication touches so much of life.

  • cindy holman

    Since communication is something we do EVERY day with people – it seems as though we SHOULD get it right, doesn’t it? But unfortunately this rarely happens because people are looking at things from their own perspective only. Personality and gender differences make this “simple” every day task – seems super complicated!!

  • BeckyJoie

    P.S. I think communication is more important than Math and more interesting. I just wish the states didn’t put so much emphasis on Standardized TESTING. Then I wouldn’t have to care as much about Math when my children aren’t going to be the types to use it in their careers.

  • BeckyJoie

    Thanks for posting this. You have more in your catalogue than communication and speech products. I’m glad to be aware. Now I just have to figure out which products to select. LOL. Loads from which to choose. :>)

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