Ready to Talk Grumpy?

Are you sometimes grumpy?  Is your spouse?  My friend Cindy Holman occasionally talks about Mrs. Grumpy on her blog.  Mrs. Grumpy is someone who kind of takes over her mood when she's frustrated.  Now you have to know Cindy.  She such an encourager and always seems to be upbeat.  But like all of us, she gets down sometimes.  It's at those points that Mrs. Grumpy takes over and it affects her husband and family.  Aren't we all like that at times? Having grumpy moments can affect not just our mood but our kids' moods and those around us.  What happens when we get the grumpy habit?  When grumpiness takes over our spouse?  What does that do to the life of those closest to us?  We're going to investigate this on my podcast over the next two weeks. The Communication Comedy Network is proud to present the Talk Talk Show with host, JoJo Tabares [That's ME!] in a two part grumpy series!  Tomorrow is part 1: Grumpy Men and the Women Who Love Them!  And just so the women don't think this is purely a male issue, next week is part 2: Grumpy Women and the Men Who Don't Know We're Changing! Tomorrow, we'll be discussing the issues that make men grumpy, how that affects their families and how they and their wives can help turn their frown upsidedown!  Next week, it's the womens' turn as we discuss menopause. how it makes women grumpy and tips for turning grumpy into Snow White again without passing through Dopey!
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Have an ungrumpy day!


  • Dirnov

    Hi there,
    Where are you from? Is it a secret? :)
    Thank you

  • cindy holman

    Can’t wait, JoJo! Should be great fun!

  • Laurie Neumann

    Sounds like a good topic, JoJo. You know, I have noticed, that when I am in a bad mood, it really does affect my family’s mood. My husband seems to get in a bad mood too, and my daughter is a little more “fiesty!”

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