Can you spot the errors?

This week's question of the week is a little communication quiz!  Can you spot the errors?  Grab your kids and see if they can too.  You can either post your answers here as a comment on this blog post OR you can post this same story on YOUR blog, answer it there and post a comment here with a link to your blog post.  Here you go: Cindy was rite about the cheese grader being on sail at Walmart.  After all, she does oversea the entire Penny Pinching Club for the grater New York area.  For all intensive purposes, Cindy was the reining queen of savings! Her friend, Mary, was in dyer need of a of an inexpensive vaccum cleaner so she steaked out Cindy’s house and weighted for her to get home from her seminar, Stretch Your Money Saving Mussels. When Cindy finally got home, it was midnight and Mary had been so tried, she had fallen asleep in her car.  Though she was very tiered after her long day, Cindy invited Mary invited her to stay the night as it was too late for her to drive back to her county house in the woods.  The too ladies spent a few ours talking about everything from appliances to the price of egg yokes until the they were so sleepy they practically stood their like statutes. In the morning, Mary was so thankful for all the advise Cindy gave her on savings that she pinched in and made breakfast for Cindy’s children before school. I'll be back in a few days to post the errors as a comment on this blogpost.  For more fun learning communication skills, check out Art of!


  • jojosblog

    So right! I missed those. I went back and fixed them. Anyone spot any other issues I may have missed? Good job folks!!

  • Hoi

    What about “…of a (out/delete) of an inexpensive…”, “…spent a few ours (hours)…”, and “…until the (out/delete) they were…”

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