Red Balloon

This video is by a group called OneTimeBlind Ministries.  I think it is incredibly creative!  What do you think? To learn more about how YOU can become creative in your communication, visit Art of


  • jojosblog

    I used to use the example of gravity. You have the right not to believe in gravity, but if you jump off a building, you’ll find its truth will have an affect on you anyway.

  • Joan

    I agree! Very creative in using something as simple as a red balloon to make that thought-provoking point. Truth is true whether you believe it or not. Just reminded me of a woman in a WAHM group I was in some years back, who was a pagan. Her belief was that anything you didn’t believe in couldn’t affect you. So since she didn’t believe in Jesus, to her he didn’t exist and could have no affect on her.

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