SPAMmers ain't none to bright!

It's actually getting easier to tell if something is SPAM or not.  SPAMmers aren't too bright as a bunch or at least they don't take the time to be too smart.  I order lots of stuff online so it can be hard to tell what emails are real order confirmations and what emails are SPAM. However just last week I received an email that said that my transaction didn't go through and that this was my last chance to order and get the discount.  I looked up at who the email was addressed to and laughed myself silly! It was addressed to FIMM.  Foot in Mouth Man is a fictional character I created to be our mascot here at Art of so I am 98% sure that he didn't order anything from Sears! ROFL For more communication FUN, visit Art of!


  • BeckyJoie

    LOL, that is too funny.

  • jojosblog

    Either that or I’ll have to talk to FIMM about using company time for making unauthorized purchases over the internet! ROFL

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