Riddle: What is it?

This week's Friday Funny is a riddle.  See if you can figure it out: It gives me orders or tells me nothing. It butters me up or it insults. It  has a point yet it makes no sense. Uses too many words or also none. It’s an annoyance, but also funny. "I" cannot do it, yet "it" will not stop. I try to stop it, but it keeps coming. I tire of its cunning. What is it? You can post your answers here or post this riddle and your answer on your own blog with a link back here.  I'll post the answer in a few days. Check back to see if you were right. [NOTE: The answer is now in my comment to this blogpost] For more communication fun, visit Art of Eloquence.com!


  • Felice

    Well, at first I thought it was an exclamation point, but now I’m not sure. Is it an elipse… (I always use them and they seem to be never ending but they should end at 3 if in a manuscript and 4 if on the back cover!)

    Great riddle, can’t wait to see the answer. J

  • Laurie Neumann

    I am stumped!

  • Judy

    I am so bad with riddles and this is no exception. I have absolutely NO idea. Can’t wait to see what the answer is.

  • BeckyJoie

    AH! I just read this because of the newsletter. How am I missing so many of your blog posts? I wonder why blog reader isn’t notifying me of all. I see when you post via facebook, but apparently I’m still missing some. Hmmm. Anyway, I always love reading your posts.

  • Judy

    GROAN. :)

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