Statistician's Answering Machine

Answering Machine Hello, this is probably 438-9012, yes, the house of the famous statistician. I'm probably not at home, or not wanting to answer the phone, most probably the latter, according to my latest calculations. Supposing that the universe doesn't end in the next 30 seconds, the odds of which I'm still trying to calculate, you can leave your name, phone number, and message, and I'll probably phone you back. So far the probability of that is about 0.645. Have a nice day. From Do you have a funny answering machine message?  Post it here! For more communication FUN, visit Art of!


  • jojosblog

    You’re welcome. From my Facebook page, it sounds as if several others needed the giggle this morning.

    My sister’s answering machine had a funny message for years that I just adored. It said,

    “Thanks for calling. None of us are home right now ’cuz all of us are somewhere else. When all of us return, one of us will call you back!”

  • Juanita Coy

    Sounds like a good message to put on MY answering machine. Sometimes, they are just too boring! Thanks for your smile this morning!

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