Remember when Ricky made breakfast for Lucy?

So it was my birthday on Tuesday and my dh called me from work to tell me that he's getting out of work early, not to make dinner and we were going to go out when he got home.  Then he calls me from the parking lot of the grocery store to ask if we have white rice.  Why? Cuz he's going to cook me dinner!  And not just any dinner, mind you, but THE dinner to end all dinners:  Seafood Medley!  We usually only eat this very special meal  once a year when I make it for him on his birthday.  Ok he's got my attention! He asks me if I can start the rice for him because he isn't sure we have enough and to call him back to see if he needs to stop again to get more.  I start it and find we probably do have enough but we wont have any for left overs so I call him back and he stops off to get another box. He comes home with a few bags of seafood and all the fixin's to make Seafood Medley telling me to just sit back and relax while he does all the work.  In fact, he says, HE'S going to do all the dishes!  WOW!  22 years of marriage and this is the first time he's ever cooked!   And I don't think he's EVER put a dish in the dishwasher! So I go upstairs to finish some work I had waiting and I hear..."Jo!  Do we have biscuits?"  So I go downstairs and look and find them. "Jo!  How do you preheat the oven?" "Where's the cookie sheet?" "Can I use this pot?" Up and down the stairs I go thinking how sweet he is to do this for me but feeling a little like Lucy Ricardo in the episode where she was pregnant and Fred and Ricky made breakfast for her.  It was exhausting, but bless his heart he really did a great job with the Seafood Medley! I came down for my special dinner to find the table set with our good PURPLE (what passes for) china and a Coconut Cream Pie thawing on the counter for dessert!  Coconut is my favorite! It was a lovely meal and afterward he actually did the dishes...ALL of them!  Not only did I have a great meal but no dishes in the sink afterward!  Hmmm!  You're jealous about now aren't ya!  He's MINE!  ;D I woke up this morning to find another surprise.  He saw that the dishwasher was full so he put the soap in and turned it on so they'd be done by morning!  What a guy!!!  I usually have to remind (read that BEG) him to turn it on and he will only do it if I put the soap in for him. We had left over Seafood Medley tonight for dinner too.  So I didn't have to make dinner tonight either!  What more could a gal ask for for her birthday? Gotta go!  My son is at Theater practice and Ricky wants to have some coconut cream pie with Lucy.


  • Rose Stading

    What a special treat, JoJo, from a very special guy!! And you deserve it!! :) I remember that I Love Lucy episode! It was hilarious!! :)

  • jojosblog

    You are truly blessed Cindy! So happy for you, but you know, this really meant a lot to me since he has never done this before! I was just blown away!

  • cindy holman

    So great of your “Ricky” to do that for you!! I won’t tell your husband what my husband does ALL THE TIME for me – wouldn’t want him to feel bad, now would we? It just shows that husbands can be trained :)

  • Tammy

    Sounds delicious, JoJo! That was really sweet of your hubby to give you such a special day.

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