A Little Biblical Word Fun

You read so many posts with foul language that it often surprises me to see things like this.  In fact, it so tickled me purple, that I just had to share them today for Friday Funnies here on Communication FUNdamentals. This line was posted by a Twitter friend.  I looked it up and found that there are Tshirts with this line and a series of blog posts where it was discussed.

"Heck is where people go who don't believe in Gosh."

In my internet travels, I came across a similar quote on several other blogs:

"Will I go to Heck if I don't believe in Gosh?"

Actually, the Bible tells us that those who believe in Gosh will not be darned to heck, but will have everlasting life.

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  • jojosblog

    Oh yes Gawrsh! lol But, Kathy, that would be Darnnation, wouldn’t it then? lololol

  • Kathy

    Gosh or Garsh? And whatever happened to damnation? LOL
    Too funny.

  • jojosblog

    It sounds so funny this way, doesn’t it?

  • BeckyJoie

    That is so funny. I tried to tell my kids that these slang words were substitutes for curse words.They are used so much nowadays that people don’t realize their origins and what they do communicate.

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