Driving Pet Peeves

Monday Q of the Wk. Here’s how it works: Each Monday I ask a thought provoking question about life and language.  Pose the same question to your blog readers on your own blog along with your answer to the question.  Then come back here and post a comment with a link to your blog post so we can all read everyone’s answers!  It’s been a lot of fun getting to know my readers and their readers and so on and so on.  This is a great time to connect with others but it’s also a fun way to build your writing and communication skills.   Grab your teens! This week’s question: What does it mean to be a true friend? This Thursday’s Talk Talk Show on the Communication Comedy Network is about communication on the road. So I thought I'd ask everyone about their driving pet peeves.  Did you realize that you have a sort of sixth sense about what drivers might do next?  If' you've been driving a while, you can tell what a driver might do just by the way he is driving.  You might be able to tell when a driver might cut you off or swerve into your lane. Does it bug you when another driver leaves his turn signal on for six exits?  Are you frustrated when the guy next to you seems to be driving too far over toward your lane?  Do you have a conniption if the guy behind you follows too close?  Have you ever had another driver scare you in some way?  What did you do?  What should we do to avoid these driving conflicts?  These are the questions we will be addressing on the next Talk Talk Show on the Communication Comedy Network on Thursday.  Come join us and share your stories, pet peeves and ideas! For now... What are your driving pet peeves? You can post your answers here or post this question on YOUR blog and come back here to link your blog post so all of us can read about you and YOUR readers’ answers! If you would like to share your thoughts or experiences about communication while driving with my listeners, I would LOVE to have you on the show live on Thursday 8am PST/11am EST!  If you cannot make it live, you can post here and I will share your thoughts on the air with my listeners as I have time.  The show is archived as an audio directly following the live broadcast so you can listen in at your convenience.


  • Debbie

    Roadrage is the biggest-only happened to me once and I was very disturbed as I had kids in the car .Everything I did was very safe and legal and this roadhog was outraged that I moved into his lane in front of him when he was talking on the cell phone.
    The other is drivers all over the road multitasking when you see their head more in bent over in the middle of the car then up at the wheel!!

  • ilene f. Anderson

    my driving pet peeves are SLOW DRIVERS and drivers forgot to click off their turning signals ! Grrr , so annoying !! :)

  • cindy holman

    I hate it when other drivers are not courteous – because I always try to be with others – and let them in a lane etc. Then for some unknown reason – NO ONE is courteous to me!!

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  • Laura

    When I’m turning left and there is a car coming towards me and turning right, I HATE it when they stop when their light is GREEN! I’m usually stopped waiting for them or moving very slowly waiting for them to make the turn and they STOP. They must think I’m going to hit them or something, but they have the GREEN light. Just go already!

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