Calling All Musicians, Students, Teachers!

...and Music Lovers! CCN 100x1 The Communication Comedy Network's own Talk Talk Show is going to be talking about the power of music as a form of communication. We invite all musicians, music teachers, music students and all music lovers to call into the show and share their thoughts and feelings. Music is a powerful form of communication because it combines several senses at once. When you hear a song, it often carries you back to a particular time in your life. Certain songs evoke certain feelings for you. Why is that? Musicians will tell you that certain chords convey fear or sadness. When you watch a movie, can't you always tell when the guy will get the girl, when the shark will jump out or when the hero will die? They say music hath charms. Why do they play Elevator Music in the elevators? How can Hold Music keep you willing to hold? Or does it? Why are parents so concerned that their children not listen to THAT MUSIC? Do you have a certain song that you just have to turn off or you will start bawling? Music is a powerful form of communication! Come hear why and share your experiences and thoughts with my listening audience on Thursday, August 13 8am PST/ 11am EST! To join me live via your computer: To join me live via phone: Phone Number: (724) 444-7444 Call ID: 19736 Can't make the live show, but still want to share? Email me! All shows are archived as audios immediately following the live show! Listen to any past show here: Come on all you music people! Come share your thoughts!


  • BeckyJoie

    Me too. It will also be nice to catch up with everyone in the chat room. :>)

  • Cindy Holman

    This subject is right up my ally :) I will be here for it :)

    Thanks, JoJo – looking forward to it!

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