and today it's "National Tell an Old Joke Day"

Ok so yesterday I told you about the obscure holidays being celebrated around the country this week.  Today, as my subject line suggests, is National Tell an Old Joke Day which is entirely appropriate for Communication FUNdamentals since I usually celebrate each Friday with Friday Funnies. Today I want to share with you my family's oldest joke.  It's a joke my father has to tell whenever anyone joins the family.  It's was told to my husband when he proposed.  It was recited to both my children upon their birth as it was to each of my father's five grandchildren upon their respective births.  He tells it at most family gatherings so that the family joke will be remembered for generations to come. Alex Haley had his family stories and my family has the family "olde joke".  Which actually isn't really a joke at all and usually elicits more eye rolling than laughs.  That never stopped the joke from being recited for years of my family... since I was a kid.  I'll recite it here and you be the judge.

"A funny thing the ketchup bottle.  First none will come and then a lottle!"

Do you have a family joke that has been passed down from generation to generation?  Share it here!  Don't be shy!  It may not live up to the standards of the Ketchup Bottle Joke, but we promiss to laugh anyway.


  • Cindy Holman

    I’ll get Greg to share some – he’s the “king” of “puns” – and my Dad also loved a good joke – I grew up with laughter!

  • Laurie Neumann

    Not really a family joke but one I remember from a kid. Probably the only one I remember as I don’t usually remember jokes:-)

    Knock, knock. Who’s there? Banana. Banana who?
    Knock, knock. Who’s there? Banana. Banana who?
    Knock, knock. Who’s there??? Orange. Orange who? Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?


  • BeckyJoie

    I think that is an Ogden Nash poem. LOL. He was my favorite comedic poet. I used to follow my dad around in the bookstore with an open Nash book reading him the jokish poems.

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