It's "National Hot Enough For Ya Day"

Not only is my life funny but, at times, so is life in general! You may not know it, but these days, there is a special obscure holiday just about every day of the week!  I know 'cuz I found several websites that told me about the special obscure holidays that are being celebrated this week: This past Monday was National Hug Your Kid Day! Did you?  Maybe you should make up for it today! Tuesday was National Lollipop Day.  I have no Dental Insurance so I chose to abstain from the celebratory eating of the 1000 lb lollipop! However I did find this adorable little girl who was very persuasive in requesting a lollipop.  Apparently she was celebrating National Lollipop Day too! Yesterday (Wednesday 22nd) was National Spoonerism Day.  A spoonersim is a play on words began by William Archibald Spooner in which vowels and consonants are switched to form a "sunny fentence"!  Care to try your hand? Today happens to be National Hot Enough For Ya Day!  I'm sure they had "Aridzona" in mind when they created this holiday!  For the past week it's been Partly Crispy with a Chance of Heat Stroke!   Our highs have been in the 115s with the overnight lows dipping down into the mid 90s!  Where's my sweater?!! Tomorrow it is appropriate that it is National Tell an Old Joke Day!  Every Friday I post a Friday Funny right here on Communication FUNdamentals so y'all come on back now and read my family's old joke and come share one of yours!


  • Laurie Neumann

    What a cutie! I’ll send you some cooler weather and some of our rain:-)

  • Tammy

    Ahhh – someone give that little cutie a lollipop! :) It’s been really hot here in Florida, too, but Wow! nothing close to 115! Stay cool!

  • Bobbi

    As a mother, I love finding these obscure, crazy holidays. Well, at least much of the time. For one thing, I think it’s interesting to see what people have loved enough or considered important enough to create a holiday for. Also, I find them a great inspiration for fun (and sometimes productive) family activities. For instance, on Talk Like a Pirate Day later this year, we’ll have a morning of pirate speech and maybe dress like pirates too. During National Egg month two of my girls (10 and 9) learned to cook eggs a couple of ways and learned the parts of an egg. On Jello Day – you guessed it – Jello with every meal. So, you get the idea. Some are wacky and some best ignored but they can lead to good times and fun memories.

  • Laura

    My brother used to live in Phoenix and now here in So. Cal everyone seems to think it’s ok when it’s 100 degrees because….“it’s a dry heat”. I know 100 with humidity feels hotter, but I don’t care if it is a dry heat, 100 degrees is too HOT!

    My little daughter is quite a persuasive one herself much like the video. She’s been know to elicit permission for some very questionable things. I’m told when she stays with others for a playdate she will ask for something with a smile and a please and innocent eyes, and when asked if she thinks her mommy would let her have it she says quite convincingly…“oh yes, my mommy lets me have that ALL the time”. I think they give in because of the cute, brash factor and nothing else. She is 7 but has always looked about 2 years younger than her age and is quite cute, so you can imagine, she gets what she wants a lot. It’s after the fact, when I stop to think about things that I says to myself, “why did I just let her get away with that?” I can totally hear her saying like the little girl in the video, “poppy says I can have one right now”. : )

  • jojosblog

    Bobbi, Jello Day sounds nice!

    Tammy, I’m so glad someone is having a cooler summer!

    Laurie, I appreciate any and all cooler temps sent my way!

    AJ, actually it’s been 115 here with the low of 92-95. While I don’t miss the humidity, I would love it to cool down at night some! lol

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