Is effective communication a lost art in the next generation?

This is Taylor Mali with his skit he calls: Like, Ya Know...  It's funny but a little sad too in that he talks about the loss of effective communication skills in the next generation. Thank you to a Facebook friend, Kathy Kuhl, author of Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner, for introducing me to this video. If you want a fun way to teach your children effective communication, visit Art of!


  • Cindy Holman

    I like that – he’s very good! Oh my goodness – he’s so right!

  • Alan Sharland

    The same ole, communication isn’t like in the golden age when ‘we’ grew up whinge (and many other things besides). Communication is never like it used to be because it evolves and changes. How can it be said that it is a ‘lost’ art? Perhaps it is just not how those who feel it is lost want it to be. So perhaps they need to deal with that if they wish to maintain connection with others. If I communicate with someone, we are both partners in what is created and understood from that communication. If I decide that the other is ‘not a good communicator’ I immediately fail in my own capacity to try to understand, laying the ‘problem’ at their door rather than look to improve my own capacity to understand them. The former leads to communication shutdown, the latter leads to connection. Those who say effective communication is a lost art in the next generation, in an individual, or in any group, have, like, shut down. Ya know?

  • Laurie Neumann

    That’s a great video, JoJo. He’s so right. Our communication “ain’t” what it used to be:-)

  • jojosblog

    I respectfully disagree, Alan. If someone is less articulate, good communicators can help the conversation along. However, it is the communicator’s job to be understood and not the listener’s job to pull the information out of the speaker. If the one communicating does a poor job, it may lead to misunderstandings and hurt feelings as well as a host of other things. Since it takes two in order to have a conversation, it is best if both parties are articulate in order to avoid the problems that we find common in today’s society.

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