Rights of vs Consequences of Free Speech: Open Discussion on Grace Talk Soup this Morning!

GTS Logo ThumbnailOpen Discussion Show today on Grace Talk Soup! Americans know they have the right to free speech, but what many don't understand is that there are consequences that come with those rights. You may have the right to disagree with someone, but do you have the right to yell at him? You may have the right to state your beliefs, but don't others have the right to be offended by what you say? Let's discuss this fine line between what we have the right to say and the natural consequences of that right. What say you?  Come share!  8am PST/11am EST How to join the live show via your computer: http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/19736 How to join the live show via your phone: Phone Number: (724) 444-7444 Call ID: 19736 Missed the live show?  No problem!  Click here and scroll down the Past Episodes. Find the orange Listen button next to the archived show audio you wish to hear 24/7! We LOVE feedback and we are always looking for new show ideas!  Got a specific communication topic you want us to cover?  Got some feedback for us on this week's show?  Post it here!

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  • Cindy Holman

    Great show today, JoJo!

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