Ever feel like you're not communicating?

Ever feel like you aren't really communicating effectively with someone? Learning to communicate effectively can be FUN TOO with Art of Eloquence.com!


  • Cindy Holman

    So funny!!

  • Carla

    Isn’t it amazing how we rely on these search engines these days? Yesterday, I went to the library. What were most people doing? Jockeying for position on the library’s computers which are limited to 10 minutes at a time during heavy traffic! The reference stacks were empty. So sad. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, though. I admit it. My name is Carla and I’m a bookaholic. I love books. I love the look of books, the feel of books in my hand, the smell of the paper and the ink. . . I love everything about books! Still, when I need something in a hurry, Google, here I come!

  • Terri

    Ok these are too funny! I hadn’t seen them before- thanks for sharing but I feel that goes on some what here at this house. I bet my hubby can relate to these commercials:) lol

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