Hilarious Bing.com Commercial

Though it is logical and mathematical, search engines don't have human intuition or insight.  How often have you searched for something like "Whale Songs" and come up with 200 versions of New York, New York? Well, there's a new search engine in town and its name is Bing.com that has the most hysterically funny commercials illustrating the frustrating communication with the technology involved when using the world wide web for information. Today's Grace Talk Soup is about communication technology and whether it has hurt or helped our communication skills.  Tune in live http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/19736 8am PST /11am EST each Thursday morning or..scroll down to our Past Episodes and listen to the audio recordings at your convenience!


  • Cindy Holman

    Wow – these are GREAT!!

  • Penney Douglas

    I put the badge for Grace Talk Soup on the sidebar of my blog at http://homeschoolblogger.com/penneyfromheaven.

    Now if somebody would just come to my blog to see it!

  • Carla

    That’s how I feel sometimes! I have become this incredible storehouse of useless information. Every time I look something up, I learn 10 more things. Now will those 10 things help me? Probably not, but it sure sounds good as irrelevant conversation. ROFLOL We’ll be talking about this shortly. Good find, Lucy!!!

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