Extra!  Extra!! Read all about it!  FIMM sticks both feet in his mouth this month!  Check it out: Here! FIMMCar 2001 Latest FIMMportant FIMM News and FIMMformation!


  • jojosblog

    Oh FIMM’s Faux Pas are gathered from real life experiences, things people email in and stuff that has been floating around on the internet for years. Sometimes I make ’em up. I was running dry which is why I went from a weekly FIMM episode to monthly. He has 140 episodes so far!

  • Laurie Neumann

    That video is so cute! Where do you come up with all those things?

  • Carla

    Hey, FIMM, ya gotta watch what you say around the kidlets. Occasionally, they listen to you!!! Now go change those Pull-Ups on the Quints. . . :)

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