Poignant video 4 days before Michael Jackson's Death

Yesterday I posted about the 911 call that told of Michael Jackson's death.  Many have asked me to comment on his life, but I really didn't know enough about him to do that.  I do believe he was a troubled man and I know he didn't know the Lord as his Savior. I did wonder at the differences surrounding the death of both of those pop stars on Thursday. Farrah Fawcett had a very strong Christian faith (at least at the end of her life.) and I do believe it helped to keep her grounded and I am sure it was a comfort to her as she was going through the struggle known as cancer.  Michael Jackson was not a Christian.   Sean Hannity asked Reverend Al Sharpton what he thought the differences were between his having to deal with fame in the public eye as a famous figure and Michael Jackson's struggle with fame as a pop star.  He said it was the fact that he was grounded in his faith.  I don't tend to agree with many of the things Reverend Sharpton has said over the years, we are politically different, but his statement was so true no matter your political persuasion! Then yesterday a Twitter friend, Duong Sheahan, sent me this video.   It's of a pastor who is talking about how Mr. Jackson's life might have been different if he had known The Father, Almighty God.  So for today, Defending the Faith SONday I thought I would post the video for your consideration. No matter how our earthly father or the world may treat us, our Heavenly Father is bigger than all!


  • jojosblog

    I received some information that three weeks prior to his death, Mr. Jackson accepted Christ. As with many other stories surrounding celebrities, I am unable to confirm this but I do pray it is true. God bless his family as well as they mourn his passing. Also this week several other famous people passed away. Ed McMahon and Billy Mayes and it appears that Walter Cronkite is in grave condition as well. Prayers going up for their families as well.

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