To Park or Not to Park...

To park or not to park... that is the question!

But what is the answer? LOL

no-parking-no-idling Picture Credit: Carla Ives from A Word Aptly


  • Julia

    Yesterday, I saw a stop sign and right below it on the same post was a sign that said “No stopping or standing”. I should take a picture.

  • Carla

    And it’s still there, too! I thought somebody would’ve gotten wise and at least separated the signs or something, but it’s still there exactly as pictured! I guess some don’t/can’t read??? Around here, though, it’s more like they’re just a """tad""" confused. :)

  • BeckyJoie

    That is too “wicked” funny! (Mainerism)

  • Terri D.

    LOL that is too funny! Someone should call and ask “which is it can I park or not?" LOL

  • Christine Trowbridge

    I guess a firetruck will get a ticket if they leave the engine on while parked there!

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