All NEW Value Packages!

All NEW Value Packages! Art of Eloquence has been working to rewrite all our hard copy study as eBooks for the last several months.  I think it was last month that we were finally able to announce that 4 out of 5 of our hard copy studies were re-released as eBooks containing even more information, tips and embedded links to make your communication study even easier and comprehensive! Well, this month we are excited to bring you some value packages that will save your family money!  We have brought back some old favorites and are introducing some new value packages that your family will just love!  Here’s what we have so far: 1.  Brand NEW!  Fun Pack! Contains our most creative and unique communication products in one value package!  This family package includes: FIMMology 101: (The study of the Humorous Sins of our Mouths) and has the best of Foot in Mouth Man episodes from the last several years!, The Play Book which contains creative and fun games, activities and crafts for children of all ages that will help teach various communication skills and keep them occupied and learning during the summer! …and two adorable Communication ePuzzles for the little ones for ONLY $23.95! 2. Back by popular demand: Elementary Pack! Contains our most popular elementary studies that make up a full year of communication fun!: Say What You Mean for Kids: a full semester of basic communication skills containing adorable graphics and creative activities that help students ease into more effective communication and speech making! And Know Your Audience: teaching listening and persuasion as well as entreprenurial skills!  This study is one of our most popular studies over all! 3. Also back is our Teen Pack! Contains our basic communication study for teens, Say What You Mean for Teens,  as well as our popular listening and persuasion study, Know Your Audience!  Together they are a creative and fun one year communication study for Jr/Sr High! 4. All New: Teen Bonus Pack! Contains three of our most popular studies for teens:Say What You Mean for Teens, Know Your Audience and… Say What You Mean A Creative Speech Course! This is our all new speech course that has been revised to include even more tips, resources and links!  The most fun your student will ever have in a speech class!!  Even shy kids love this speech course! All three studies give you a year and half of communication study for teens! 5. Still available is our College Prep Pack: Contains the two most important studies your college bound student will need in order to apply to colleges, successfully  compete in the college atmosphere AND maintain his/her faith in the face of staggering statistics! Includes: Homeschooler’s Guide to Preparing for College and Say What You Mean Defending the Faith!

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