My baby is 10!

Chris is 10 yrs old today!  Here he is at a recent golf class.  One of his new loves along with the keyboard.  Double digits!  Boy do they grow fast!  Happy Birthday Little Man!




  • Kathy Hale

    What a good looking young man! I have a grandson who is really into Hockey and LaCrosse; daughter and I are thinking “Ivy League.”

    Thanks for sharing…

  • Natalie

    OOOh! Golfer! Cute little guy! My son is 13 and loves golf, bball, football, etc. I wish my husband worked in the US to play golf with him more. Hey, send him a hoops and yo yo card for me, will ya? Those characters are so cute. Go to their main site and watch their Father’s day thing. My kids love getting a hoops and yo yo card every once in a while. I em them when I feel sweet, LOL!

  • cindy holman

    I can see the blog page!!! Yay!! What a handsome son you have! You must be so proud of him :)

  • Gidget

    Happy birthday, Chris!! My 10yo son has a new found love of golf as well. He is participating in a program for June/July. It is a great game that can become very beneficial later in life. Many blessings for your 10yo.

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