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My dearest friend and my co host on Grace Talk Soup, Carla Ives, has been interviewed by Take Root and Write in their Ministry Spotlight!  You've just GOT to read this!  She is so funny as she answers the interview questions!   And the interviewer, is another of my dear friends, Joan Rudder Ward! Here's a taste:
These are just a few places where your thoughts and ideas translate into words that need to relay important information to your particular audience. These are the moments when your work needs to reflect excellence, as these are opportune times to shine and convey your professionalism, the times where you may not get a second chance at that first impression, times when it's important to have someone edit your work. Our ministry spotlight person today is someone that can help you make that good impression.Meet Carla Ives, Editor, who helps your written work be the best that it can be. Carla has a delightful, quick-witted personality and is an easy person to converse with. We talked about her 'gifting' of eagle eyes and of that inner ear that can hear and help you convey the heart-message of your written word. Joan: Carla, tell us what you do and a little background on how you discovered your gift. Carla: (laughing) Well, I call myself a 'Purveyor of  Fine Words.' Fancy way to say that I am in love with language, expression and presentation!  I'm not sure exactly when I discovered this "gift."  As a child, I read everything I could get my hands on. I practically lived at the library. Good spelling has always been instinctive with me. I won every spelling bee I ever entered. I guess it naturally flowed that I would "learn" to spot things. I've been proofing and editing for over 15 years now.  I "formally" turned it into a business two years ago.
It's a fabulous article about an amazing lady written by an incredibly talented soul! Great article Joan!

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