Words to live by

A new friend I met on Facebook posted quite a profound observation!  It was so astute, I had to post it here on Communication FUNdamentals. We were talking about how folks tend to say things on the web they would never say in person because they don't need to look their "victims" in the eyes.  Then she talked about how we sometimes aren't brave enough to say the things that need to be said in person because they are looking at us while we do.  What the world needs is more who act upon this principle.

"People need to learn to be brave in person and shy on the web." -BeckyJoie Thombs Oaks


  • Gidget

    That is some great advice. Thanks JoJo and BeckyJoie.

  • jojosblog

    I just loved this line! BeckyJoie just had such insight here! Had to post it! Yes convicting! I think we all could stand to be a little bolder in person and exercise more shyness online!

  • cindy holman

    This is so true. The internet and email’s have all gotten us into trouble in one way or another – just because you CAN hide behind the computer and say things you maybe wouldn’t in person. And the tone and inflection in your voice can not be heard – so leads to great misunderstandings also. I’ve been there. Great words of wisdom.

  • Carla

    Does anyone other than me feel the sting of conviction with those words? Yes, I agree. . . that is a very wise statement. Go, BeckyJoie! And to the rest of us. . . take heed. We may be the only Bible some folks ever read!

  • BeckyJoie

    Thank you so much for the kind words. It’s funny how the Lord can use things that come off the tip of one’s tongue in a moment of introspective reflection. I’ve learned so much by “listening” to proverbs and plattitudes but the most important lessons are learned by listening to the gentle, quiet reproofs of the Holy Spirit. And how much more accountable am I after seeing my own words staring back at me?

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