Can you spot the error?

Yesterday on Grace Talk Soup, I was talking about how seriously the scribes were about copying the Bible and how amazingly accurate it is.  I mentioned how difficult it is to proof your own work and how even with a good editor, it's hard not to find an error. I shared how my daughter found some errors on Stanford University's website.  What I didn't have time to mention is this very funny picture we found of one of the SAT prep books we considered purchasing for her. Can you spot why we didn't?


Communication errors can cost!


  • Carla

    I’ve seen this one before, as you know. Still, I cannot believe they did this!!!! Maybe I should write and tell them I’m available??? (BUT NOT CHEAP!!! ROFLOL)

  • Terri D.

    23nd / That is crazy!

  • FruitfulVine2

    You tweeted about this. The error is that it should be 23rd edition not 23nd. It was a fun looking for the error. Thanks.

  • jojosblog

    I just thought this was too funny! Yes twenty thirdnd edition. I can’t wait for this year’s edition. You know, the twenty fournd edition.

    Trish, thanks for posting this. This is histerical! February twenty tooth? LOLOL There’s a grand opening you can sink your teeth into! ROFL

  • Trish

    23ND?? What’s that ~ twenty-thirdnd? This doesn’t surprise me a bit. A local Starbucks posted their grand opening date as Febuary 22th. No kidding. Gracious!!

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