My life is funny!

My friend Carla has been telling me for years to record some videos and put 'em up on YouTube.  Why?  Because my life is funny and it usually illustrates why effective communication is so vital! So yesterday my dd and I were watching Chonda Pierce videos on YouTube and laughing our collective tushies off.  She turns to me last night and says, "You should be a stand up comedian!"  Well, my life is funny and I do love to tell a good story!  My son is always laughing at the way I present his homeschool lessons and, occasionally and out of the blue, he'll say, "Say something funny!" While it's probably a little premature to go out on tour or do TV appearances, as soon as I get my stubby hands on a digital video camera, I'm going to make a series of YouTube videos so be on the lookout!  In fact, I can almost guarantee it'll be fairly soon so, if you love to laugh at someone else's expense, I'm your gal!  You might want to subscribe to my newsletter, What's New at Art of Eloquence so you don't miss any.  I'll let you know when we've uploaded them.  (Like that term?  I'm techie already!) lol In the meanwhile, I have a funny story for you life is funny! So I'm up at 2:18am, cuz...I've had my alloted 4 hours of sleep!  And I'm on the computer typing a note to my Grace Talk Soup co host, Carla, and it's taking a really long time to do, cuz...I still haven't hooked up my new computer, Zippy, and I still have Methuselah!  When all of a sudden, I hear this GINORMOUS chirp!  It sounds like a cricket on steroids or a basketball player's sneakers on the gym floor only he has...MUCH BIGGER sneakers! At first I freeze, listening with great interest and expecting to see a 9ft cricket come out of the shadows and ...EAT ME!  I was concerned about my feet, so I pick them up off  the floor and place them gently on the chair under me.  After a long while I figured I must have dreamed it.  After all, it is only 2:45am! So back to my typing... I hear it again!  It has to be my computer, right?  So I shut off the speakers, but I hear it three or four more times and it's LOUD!  There are certain odd sounds you hear in your house at 3am, but a 9ft electronic cricket ain't one of them!  I run off downstairs and all over the house trying to find the giant cricket or, perhaps Magic Johnson in my living room!  Although what Magic Johnson would be doing playing basketball in my living room at 3am, is beyond me! I end up in my bedroom standing over my husband at 3:06am.  Should I wake him up and tell him that a giant 9ft cricket is after me?  Well...YES!!  So he goes out and looks for the giant cricket.  There it goes again!  Where is it coming from?  It's echoeing all over the house, bouncing off the walls and hardwood floors and vaulted celings!  It's got to be HUGE! Wanna know what it was?  Wanna know what killer creature my husband woke up at 3am on a weekday morning to protect me from?  A smoke detector with a low battery signal! Now that's love! My life is funny! ROFL


  • cindy holman

    I’ve actually had that happen to me too!! You do think you’re going completely nuts!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Great story – I needed that good laugh today, my friend :)

  • Catherine Terry

    JoJo, You’re too much! ROTFLOL! I’m surprised that all you did was hear a 9ft cricket was after you, and not actually see it! 4 hours of “alloted sleep?” Oh, my!

  • Carla

    The patient is stable but Mr. T’s prognosis is not good. We are awaiting donor organs. Surgery will begin as soon as the donor organs are flown in, provided the surgeon is ready, willing and able. Since it’s my DH, he doggone well better be!!! ROFLOL

    The Good News is that the big beastie (who doesn’t like the internet) is up and running just fine this morning. GTS will go on one way or another. . . they’d have to ban my landline and shut down my cell phone. . . and then I’d just run for a pay phone or beg the library to let me stay on one of their computers longer than 10 minutes. :)

  • JoJo Tabares

    Today’s show is also a miracle because just yesterday we found out that Carla’s laptop doesn’t really like iced tea! How is he this morning? Oh the technological issues we face in today’s modern world!

  • Carla

    OH NO, MR. BILL!!! It’s the 900-pound smoke detector that eats you!!! (snicker, snort, chortle) Hey, seriously, ANY sound at 2:45AM can be frightening. Glad you found out what it was and. . . it didn’t eat up my dearest friend and co-host. :)

    Now on to those videos I’ve been bugging you to make. Friends, fellow bloggers, loyal GTS fans and anyone else out there who loves a good laugh. . . JoJo’s videos will be on your MUST have list! You have to hear this woman tell a story! If you haven’t, join us in about 2 hours on Grace Talk Soup at, 11AM EDT/8AM PDT. You will NOT be sorry. The amazing thing will be actually “seeing” what comes out of this teensy-weensy spectacular little lady!

    Now Ethel the Editor is going to give you some of her “wise” financial advice about these videos. Yes, you MUST get the videos, but first. . . buy up lots of stock in Depends ’cuz their sales are gonna skyrocket when JoJo, the PJ DJ, hits the video waves! (Trust me on this one :)

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