FIMM Strikes Again!

fimm-400x4001 Foot in Mouth Man's latest MISadventure is up and ready for your reading pleasure and Friday giggles!  This month FIMM illustrates what frustration can be caused by not paying attention.  Our UnHero finds himself in the park with a mom who is desperate to find her daughter only to enlist the help of FIMM who is less than helpful! Check out his latest miscommunication lesson here.  While you are visiting his page, you can check out some of FIMM's past misadventures and view his video. Bring the kiddos!  After all, FIMM sticks his foot in his mouth for your amusement and confusement and to illustrate how NOT to communicate effectively. Have you got a FIMM Faux Pas in your past?  Have your children been a FIMMpersonator?  Come share your very own Foot in Mouth Man stories right here! While your at Art of Eloquence, don't forget to check out our fun communication studies for the whole family!


  • Carla

    If you’re old, I’m your computer’s twin! ROFLOL Ya know, I’ve figured out that a big part of FIMM’s problem is he doesn’t listen. But then again, who could while chasing quintuplets around, eh? And I’ve heard that Enrique is quite a handful. :)

    I’m so glad FIMM is with us, though. I mean some folks can only learn by hearing or seeing the negative response. AOE has communication studies for everybody! Whether you learn in the positive or the negative, AOE can fix youse right up! (UH-OH. . . my Philthydelphian is coming out again!)

  • jojosblog

    I walked right into this one! Yesterday I was at the park with another homeschooling mom. She had her little 5y/o with her who wanted to swing. When she was done swinging she asked me to take her out of the baby swing. I said, “Wow! I haven’t done this in a long time.” My youngest is almost 10

    She turned to me and said, “It’s because I’m a big girl and your old!”

    Hmmm! ROFLOLOL

  • Catherine Terry

    LOL! This is an excellent example in how to NOT listen! Poor FIMM…and Kittie & her mom. :)

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