Getting a Job in Today's Tough Market

gts-logo-thumbnail2Do you know someone who is out of work?  It might even be you or your husband.  Are you wondering what today's tough market holds for you?  Are you up on the latest job finding trends?  Did you know that the traditional ways of finding a job may not work in today's tough market?  Are you comfortable with the interview process?  Do you even know how to write your resume? And what if you are a mom just getting back into the work force? If you want answers to these job market questions, come join me and my co host for some Grace Talk Soup this Thursday at 8am PST/11am EST for an hour of fun and insight into today's job market.  Learn the latest trends in finding a job, how to write your resume even if you have been out of the job market for years!  Learn how to prepare for your interview and present a confident picture of a prospective employee! How to join the call live from your computer How to join the call live from your phone: (724) 444-7444 Call ID: 19736 If you can't make it live, listen to the audio recording: Want to win some prizes too? Listen each week for the Grace Talk Soup Contest of the Week!  Winners are announced on the air and have 48 hours to claim their prize so don't miss the show! This week's contest: Help us promote the show!  Post the show link all over: to friends, family, Yahoo groups, Twitter, Facebook, My Space, your newsletter, blog...  Then just email us and share that link or where you posted and we will enter you in this week's contest! If you are out of work or even UNDERemployed, you need to be on this call!  Getting a job in today's tough market isn't what it used to be and what you don't know WILL hurt you!  It's all in how you package and present yourself to a prospective employer!  Don't miss the show! And remember, friends don't let unemployed friends drive to the job interview unprepared!


  • Laurie Neumann

    How timely this is, JoJo. With all the people out of work, this show will be a great help.

    It’s important to do your best at an interview, as that is, most likely, the first time you meet your prospective employer. Don’t let it be the last.

    Learn how to stand out from the crowd and listen in tomorrow to Grace Talk Soup!

  • cindy holman

    Thanks for the great tips and information!! I look forward to listening to the show tomorrow – even if it’s later in the day – But I always listen :)

  • Carla

    AMEN and AMEN, JoJo!!! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s show. It’s a different world out there and if you haven’t worked while raising your kidlets and now you find you MUST, you have to almost learn a new language to get a job these days. I read where, on average, an employer will receive FIFTY applications for one position in today’s economy. WHEW!!! That’s a lot of competition. I am looking forward to giving our guests some great tips on resumes tomorrow, as well as a little bit about freelancing. GTS ROCKS!!! :)

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