Via Dolorosa

These are scenes from Passion of the Christ with Via Dolorosa playing in the background. Precious video and song but more precious still is the fact that Jesus did this for us. Via Dolorosa means the way of suffering... Shouldn't we tell someone? If you don't know how to share the Gospel or what to say, please check out Say What You Mean Defending the Faith: ebook and online classes available.


  • New_Cr8ion

    This made me CRY! I have NEVER watched The Passion. I always knew I couldn’t handle it and I was right.

    Thank GOD for His Mercy and Jesus for His sacrifice!

    May you be blessed today!

  • cindy holman

    That movie is the greatest love story EVER. The movie very difficult to watch. I love the song Via dolorosa – reminds me of when we did a presentation years ago in Florida and at the beginning was this song.

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