Bet you haven't heard this in the mainstream media

This article reported by One News Now is not only disturbing from a standpoint of justice but also because, it and stories like it, are never reported by the mainstream media.  Why?  It's not because they aren't newsworthy; it's because they aren't politically correct.  They don't fit their agenda. One News Now reports:
"Brooke Heike was a high school basketball star who was aggressively sought after by several colleges that wanted the league MVP from Washington Township, Michigan, to continue her record-breaking rebounding and shot-blocking skills on their campus. After leading her team to its first conference title in 18 years as a high school senior, the 6-foot-2 forward decided to attend Central Michigan University, which offered her a full scholarship."
However, the team's coach refused to help Miss Heike who then hired someone else to do so.  Her attorney reports that Coach Guevara had an issue with her heterosexuality:
"She was not only kicked off the team, but her scholarship was taken away because the coach kept telling her that she wasn't her 'type,'" Victor explains. "And when Brooke would ask what was that, [Guevara] would say 'I don't want you to wear makeup, you have a boyfriend, I don't want you to have a're too girly girl' -- that type of thing."
The coach announced to the team that Miss Heike was off the team because she was simply "not happy".  The case file on this coach revealed that she was fired from her previous coaching job in 2003 when a team member accused her of a similar incident. If the situation was reversed and the injured party was homosexual, do you think the mainstream media would have reported it?  In fact, there is a poll at the end of the story that asked this very question and 63.4% of the more than 30,000 responses said...YES!  What do you say?


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