Question of the Week: What's Your Mission?

Question of the Week This is a new segment for my blog and I ask you to help me out by adding your comments and posting them on your blog as well.  I have been doing a "Question of the Week" on my homeschool Yahoo group for a few years now.  It's been a fun way to discuss issues and share ideas as well as get to know each other better. How it Works: Each Monday I'll ask a thought provoking question about life.  Pose the same question to your blog readers on your own blog along with your answer to the question.  Then come back here and post a comment with a link to your blog post so we can all read everyone's answers!  Should be a lot of fun! This week's question: The Lord has given each of us different talents and experiences.  He uses them to His Glory.  What's your mission? JoJo's Answer: I have had a fascination with way people communicate since I was a young child in public school.  I moved around a great deal, but everywhere I went, there were two kinds of kids in the class: the popular kids who always came off smelling like a rose and the unpopular kids who never quite seemed to do anything that would smell nearly as sweet.  A rose by any other name?  Hmmmm... It wasn't the idea that was good in those days, it was the person who suggested it.  It wasn't the clothes worn, it was the person who wore them.  But more than that, it was the way in which that person carried himself. Why was it that the popular kid would wear torn jeans and be thought cool when the "geek" was teased about being poor?  It was his attitude, his communication of who he is.  That started a lifelong study of communication skills in human behavior.  What did I discover? * Communication plays a large part in just about everything we do. * The more effective you are in communicating, the more successful you are in life. * Communication skills are mentioned HUNDREDS of times in the Bible. * Communication skills are the most important part of The Great Commission. * Communication skills cannot be mastered by taking one speech course. * Each communication skill requires different techniques to master: speech is not all of communication. * Social communication touches all areas of life, not just making friends. * Communication skills are a core subject even more important than math, science and history. * Employers are looking for those with good communication skills because it is something they can't fit in the two week training. * Lack of effective communication is the reason cited most often as the cause for the break up of marriage! * You may be able to get through your entire life without having to make a speech, but you will not get through 24 hours without communicating something to SOMEBODY! Even today, this is a fairly new concept that most people don't fully understand.  It is my mission to share these facts with the Christian community so that they may be more effective in the missions God has for THEM! What's your mission? Post your answers on your blog and come back here and put your link in so we can read it!  If you don't have a blog, just post your answers here. From JoJo's Purple Crayon Learning Speech Communication Skills can ALSO be fun with Art of Eloquence!

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