New Blog Series

Introducing a brand new monthly blog post series!

In the past I've written long, in-depth articles on various aspects of effective communication.  I've written on just about all topics, but what I haven't done (at least not in this way and not for quite some time) is to write short tips on practical communication issues.

There are several types of communication problems we encounter, especially now that so many of us are on social media, that can affect our reputations, our online friendships, and even our careers.  

How can you tell if someone is probably telling the truth?  

How can you tell if someone is probably not telling you the truth? 

How can you tell if someone is upset WITH you or just upset?  

Understanding these and other similar communication issues can help you avoid huge mistakes in trust. 

These are the topics that will be the monthly blog posts this year each month.  Look for them beginning this month under the 'Blog' link on the Art of Eloquence website! 

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