Hurricane Harvey Help

Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by Hurricane Harvey and  Art of Eloquence would like to help. While we can't be there to physically help or send donations to all those who are in need, we can do three things.  

1. We have been and will continue to be in prayer for all those who were affected.  

2. We can replace any materials our customers have purchased (no matter the date of purchase).  Just send an email to with the subject line Harvey Replacement Materials telling me what you purchased and approximately when you purchased it. We don't need an exact date, just as close as you can come.  We will send you the PDF of those materials directly to that email address.  

3. We'd like to offer Hurricane Harvey victims any one of our studies FREE OF CHARGE!  Just email me and tell me what title you wanted to purchase along with your city and state.  I'll email you a PDF of that title directly to your inbox.

Each of you are in our prayers and we are asking God to bring blessings into your lives.  This is just a little blessing from our family to yours.  

JoJo Tabares  

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